CEO Card Game

Item: S0987 Ages: 7 YEARS+ (Up to 6 players)

GOAL OF THE GAME: To encourage literacy as it relates to the set up of positions within the hierarchy of a business.

Prepare to have tons of fun with this CEO Card game! Choose someone to shuffle and deal the cards, passing them out counterclockwise to each player. Each player should have 4 cards. All players will choose their desired business by placing the cards they have in hand for their desired business, face down in their own private book.

Example 1): If the player selects the Fashion Designer Business cards, the player must collect all 10 of the Fashion Designer Business cards.

Avoid sharing your cards with your opponents. They can add strategy by secretly holding your desired business card in their hands or by discarding it into the discard pile. This will decrease your chances of winning.

Everyone races to try and find all 10 cards for their desired business. Collect Shark cards that allow you to continue playing, which ultimately increases your chances of building your business.

The first player to collect all 10 of their desired business cards is the winner!

The Super Investors Gaming, CEO names, and logos, the distinctive design of the game cards, the CEO name, and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the cards,  are trademarks of Super Investors for its property trading game and game equipment.

Includes 100 cards as follows:

10 Fashion Designer cards

10 Healthcare Company cards

10 Healthy Fruit Company cards

10 Mechanical Engineering cards

10 Real Estate Company cards

10 Technology Company cards

10 Water Company cards

10 Legal Service cards

10 (1) Shark cards

5 (2) Shark cards

5 (3) Shark cards

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